Molly and I estimate we’ve done a dozen loads of laundry in the past 24 hours. I am sure I did at least three, and she usually does many multiples of what I do, so the dozen seems realistic. Eliza has had impetigo, which is a surface bacteria that often starts in the sore, raw nose of a little runny-nosed kid. That was Friday… we got her doped up and on the mend just in time for Silas to catch a stomach bug Saturday evening. He was griping all day, although not very convincingly, but he showed us that night by getting sick off the top bunk. We’ve been doing laundry ever since. Asher was under the weather today but seemed to just be really tired- he perked up late in the evening though and rattled off a dozen quick Magformer structures before bed.  Molly and I are keeping it together for the moment- my hands are raw from washing them so often.  It was such bad timing, too. We have at least five inches of snow on the ground and we barely got to play in it at all. I’m sure the sledding down at Clark Park was mediocre, but we would have done it anyway. All I want for Christmas is a good night’s sleep and to get all the kids off to school tomorrow.

And also I want God to smite down the FCC… that too. Or to be more exact, I’d like the FCC chair, Ajit Pai, to get stuck under an Ikea dresser for the duration of his term. This Thursday it’s expected that the FCC will strike down broadband’s Title II status (enacted in 2015) which means not all web traffic will be treated equally. Which means he with the most dollars wins (on the internet, which is pretty much life at this point.) So let’s all make some angry calls to our congressional staffers this week. Unfortunately I’ve got Pat Toomey to deal with, so complaining to him is like pissing in the wind, but I’ll do it anyway.


December 3

On a positive note, the weather was lovely this week, I took the girls to the zoo, I started a new sleep schedule that has improved my days, and we had a relaxing weekend. On a different note, I think I need to polish up my German and get ready to leave the country, as it seems to be inexorably marching into the swamp. Except I like swamps- they’re very bio-diverse. We’ve just been marched into the wasteland- Kansas, maybe.

Thanks for everything

Jam packed week… Silas’s school hosted their Scholastic Book Fair, which is run by the home and school association, which I’m on, so that was a lot of (fun) work. My birthday was on Wednesday. We had a nice day, it was far from restful though, since we hosted thanksgiving dinner the day after. Everything was under control though, and it came together without any abnormal stress. The day after we decided to have more friends over, since we had leftovers and our house was already clean. Saturday we were lucky to catch Becca and Jacob up at my parent’s house, along with Jerm and family.  The kids whooped it up as usual, and we had a cake for Jacob who recently turned one. We forgot to pack our gifts in the car, which had Molly really aggravated, but it turned out Jacob didn’t care about any of the gifts he received anyway.

I was carrying Jacob at one point, walking around and bouncing him… then I thought, let’s see if you can hold yourself up? So I gently set him on his feet, hoping he would cruise along the couch, but instead he just walked off across the room. I had not been informed or noticed that he’d learned to walk a few weeks ago. So that was cute.

This is our season of celebration around these parts. Birthdays and holidays non-stop. Just this evening Molly and I ate the last of my birthday cheesecake. I think our house is finally empty of junk-food for the first time in months.

And you may notice in a few photos that Asher has exceptionally short bangs. His bangs ended up on the living room floor one day this week, when he and his sister hid behind the side table and decided to cut their own hair. Thankfully Eliza didn’t lose much, because we’re much more willing to chop off the rest of Asher’s hair to make it look even than we would be to shorten all of Eliza’s.

I’ve got two more days of the book fair to go, so I’m trying for an early bedtime tonight. One must stay awake and alert so kids don’t swipe the gel pens and iPhone-shaped-notepads.


Old friends

One of Silas’s best friends popped back into town yesterday for a few days, and we had the pleasure of having him for a sleepover. He and Silas started up wrestling each other within ten seconds of his arrival. It took a surprisingly long time for someone to get hurt- I think they’ve matured over the past 5 months since they last saw each other. Of course at one point Silas ended up on the ground and the 3 and 4 year old girls drove a truck into his head. It happens. We had them and some other friends over for breakfast this morning. Lots of fun and just a taste of what’s to come this week. We’re hosting Thanksgiving here, which isn’t going to be that big a deal (I keep telling myself.) Seriously. It’s not. I’ll need to head out to our big fancy renovated Aldi this week to finish up the shopping. They now carry all kinds of stinky cheeses, and they’ve got a special on brussels sprouts, so we’re really going to stink this house up.

My birthday is coming up this week, so Molly decided to get me something I’ve been yapping about for a year or two- a big convection toaster oven. It’s been fun so far; we’ve made kale chips, toast, and muffins. It can fit a 9×13 pan, so it’ll be useful for Thanksgiving when we’ve got a few things cooking at once.

Tomorrow morning is the book fair at Silas’s school. It’s going to be a lot of work, so I best get some sleep. First we need to whip up some rice krispy treats though- we’re not going to make much money selling books; baked goods are where it’s at.


Days Off (?)

This week featured the left-right punches of election day and Veterans Day. Silas (public schools) had both days off; the littles just had Veteran’s Day off. Silas and I visited the zoo on Tuesday, since he has been complaining bitterly for a year or two that his siblings get to have all the fun since he’s at school all the time. So off we went- we had a lovely couple hours. We spent an hour in the reptile-amphibian house- all three kids are into that recently. I grew up catching snakes and frogs and such, so I don’t get creeped out by that stuff, with a few notable exceptions. The King Cobra. Not cool. Several African vipers. Not cool. Copperhead. Not cool. But I’m good with the amphibians almost without exception. The kids aren’t creeped out by any of it. They just don’t know how many children King Cobras eat every year (ok… probably none… but still.)

Silas is picking up some funny lingo at school. Some of it is profane, but a few phrases have cracked me up, partially because I’ve never heard them before. Molly was making a deal with Silas (I don’t remember what they were negotiating) and Silas paused thoughtfully and said, “I can slide with that…”  He’s also tossed off “salty” before, which according to the urban dictionary means something like “”The act of being upset, angry, or bitter as result of being made fun of or embarrassed”   I’m sure these lessons are going to keep on coming. I hope I mostly find them funny.

The temperature dropped hard this week, and our air conditioners have all been removed. Now they’re sitting in piles throughout the house, waiting for me to clean their filters and move them to the attic. We pulled in all our plants from outside and haven’t figured out homes for them yet (I bought plants frequently this year, I’m not sure why.)  Friday I spontaneously bought a flowering apricot tree from the local nursery and planted it in front of our house. I removed the redbud tree which had occupied that spot and relocated it to the back yard. We’ll see what happens in the spring. The blooms on the apricot tree are supposed to be awesome. Asher responded to the weather by blurting out spontaneously “I’m so ready for winter! I’m gonna stomp on the snow…bury myself…be cold…”

And finally the soccer season has ended. Boy was it a production getting all three kids to Fairmount East every Saturday.  As a family we don’t get out the door gracefully, and before soccer we’re at our worst, so we’re ready for a break. We might resume with Cobbs Creek ice skating lessons in the winter, but are glad for a few weeks.



This has become quite the holiday season, from Eliza’s birthday to Halloween to Asher’s birthday. This week we made a lot of cupcakes, ate some cakes, attended some parties, ate some candy (I forgot Halloween was just this week- it seems forever ago.) Today I bought some Halloween candy at half-price. By the time the kids know of this blog’s existence the candy will be long gone. One of Asher’s classmates shares his birthday, and his class was invited to her birthday party at a local rec center. It was a party unlike any we’ve attended before. The theme was Shimmer and Shine, which is a cartoon or movie or something. They hired a DJ, and the Shimmer and Shine characters showed up for about an hour-long dance party. Their family put so much effort into it- amazing. Fortunately there was a playground outside so when the kids got over-stimulated by the pounding music and lights they could take a break outside.

An Asher moment from this week… I was playing some Trolls music in the kitchen (trying to distract the kids from each other.) Asher was spinning, jumping, and pumping his fists, and at some point I interceded and said “Asher, be careful!” He said “Hey, that’s what a five year old does!”

In other news, Eliza is impossible and Silas needs to work on his listening skills. There are too many examples for me to recount from this week.


Happy birthdays

Tonight we celebrated the birthdays of three kids, who were born at approximately this time of year- Eliza, Kellen, and Asher. They each got a pumpkin muffin, and they liked it (although they weren’t even frosted- we’ve been busy.) The kids ran circles around Mimi and Pop’s house for a few hours, and wrestled (got thrown across the living room) Uncle Jerm for at least an hour. Everybody was sweating. Except me, cause my shoulder is all jacked up and I’m not wrestling or throwing anybody right now. Molly worked Parents’ Weekend both days this weekend, which is a bit of a drag, but could have been worse. She had brunch with the family of one of her favorite students, which is a blessing… if you think about it she could have been seated next to the modern equivalent of Trump’s parents (though I guess they’d have been at the Wharton event, not the College. Blah Blah Blah.)

It’s raining like a dog now, and I just came back from jamming some flashing under some of our roof slates, because we sprung another leak (I’m sure it’s one of the same old leaks.) A leaking roof is not the thing one needs to relax a jacked up spine.